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Blog Revamp: The Hungry Job Searcher

Welcome to my personal blog about my personal hell: being jobless.

After a long pause on writing for my blog, what better time to pick it back up than in this time a quarantine for the COVID-19 crisis? Like so many others in industries that rely on incoming business, the company I worked for took a huge hit. On top of this situation, we were not having the strongest last few quarters. This meant personnel cuts were inevitable.

You never think it's going to be you. Unfortunately, I joined the 40% of the company that had to be let go. It was something that I never thought would happen so long as I kept working hard and putting forth the best quality that I could. Sometimes it just comes down to hard choices because of the numbers.

So here I am. On the hunt for my next role in a job market and economy that is looking pretty uncertain. I've been joined by millions of others across the country. I hope to be writing about positive things throughout my new job search soon.

Well wishes to all others during these trying times!


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