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Digital Marketing + Content Writing

Carney is a full-service, dynamic agency that provides some of the most innovative digital projects for brands of all sizes. The team includes world-class creative and damn near magical developers. The agency has become nationally recognized because of it's largest lead generator – a daily marketing newsletter called The Daily Carnage.

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The Daily Carnage has been written, curated, and published by me from May 2021 to December 2022 – amounting to over 300 issues.


Content included the latest news, marketing tactics, digital tools, and some ad entertainment.

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Part of creating original and curated content for both the newsletter and social channels included infographics. This took on a few formats, but mainly used linear visuals. For special occasion issues, additional assets were created to separate sections.


The Daily Carnage newsletter is one of Carney's largest lead generators by gaining national reach for a small, Pittsburgh agency. On top of getting larger projects, the newsletter had its own revenue from sponsorships. I managed the relationships, schedule, and content for sponsored spots.


This included sponsorships from brands like:  

Managing sponsorships brought the agency an additional $71k in revenue.


This came in the form of additional news headlines, recaps, interesting tools, and poll results from the newsletter. Channels were managed by me from late 2021 to early 2022. Here are samples of Instagram content specifically.

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