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Welcome to my portfolio.


I'm a content strategist that is looking to create.

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Portfolio Icons_Opus.png

Opus Business Consulting

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St. Barnabas

Health System

Portfolio Icons_Email.png

Email Projects

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AlphaGraphics in the

Cultural District

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Conemaugh Health System

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Website Projects

Portfolio Icons_CFA.png

Community Foundation

for the Alleghenies


my chance

to brag.


I'm an award-winning writing nerd that is passionate for websites and marketing. Copywriting, content creation, digital media, and all things visual are what move me the most. I'm just a "master of none" but "Jill of all trades" looking to do everything.

What makes me tick:

Lattes. New pens. Airports. Hockey fights. Too much cheese. Latin movies. Dive bars. Sex and the City. Rainy days. Tiny things. Mad Men (duh).





Thanks for viewing my portfolio! 


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