Digital Marketing + Campaign Management

St. Barnabas Health System is a long-standing organization with a core focus on senior living options in Western Pennsylvania. SBHS has several lines of business including retirement living communities, a medical facility, home care operations, two golf courses, several restaurants, an auto-mechanic, a furniture resale store, a grocery store, and talk radio station.


While St. Barnabas had many businesses and services to market, one of the main focuses remained on senior living options from the brand. For ongoing brand awareness, we ran several display ad, social media, and search campaigns in the extremely competitive service area.

Previously, St. Barnabas lacked any brand consistency or standards. Our team developed a color palette and font rules to bring the traditional brand into a more modern look using jewel-tones and bright accents.



During my time with St. Barnabas Health System, I was charged with implementing multi-channel campaigns. Integrated communications were developed for memory care (seen here), independent living, and home care.


This meant managing print and digital vendors to run email drips, tiered mailers, as well as managing search, display, and Facebook ads, adjusting them as needed for performance. Design work was in collaboration with our team.



SBHS had several business lines and departments in need of print collateral. Previously, St. Barnabas had a disjointed brand. In collaboration with the Design team, we were able to make consistent, attractive print pieces. We also developed updated print advertising that we used in local PA publications.


Supporting the St. Barnabas Health System's Human Resources included designing attractive onboarding materials as well as job advertisements and recruiting videos.



SBHS emails were mainly for fundraising and announcements. Below are two examples of charities initiatives: a campaign for donations towards windows in a nursing home, and a weekly newsletter for a furniture resale store.

Average open rates for the weekly newsletter were 19-23% while the fundraising campaign had an open rate of 25% with 5% click throughs.



St. Barnabas Charities would have several fundraising events throughout the year. With the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the 2020 event calendar was scaled back or cancelled. One event that stayed was an indoor/outdoor luncheon called "Ladies Day Out." This was a successful, sold-out fundraising event that our team developed an invitation campaign for with a custom designed look as well as promotional materials.